Submissions for Vol. One, Issue Tbree are now closed

26/01/23 – 23/02/23

Our publication avidly encompasses broad fields – from literature to science, history to music, all disciplines are welcome. We’re simply guided by this question: how do beauty and strangeness collide?

For our third issue, we’re approaching this inquiry through the theme of Liquefaction. There’s something about liquids that have intrigued humans for centuries: they resist fixity yet conform to the vessels they inhabit; they glide with grace only to surge with forceful energy; they’re the medial point between states of matter. Not quite congealed and not quite ethereal – what potential lies in such forms of fluidity? 

Take that in any direction: you could explore protean states and liquid temporalities, evoke flowing textures and melting pots, dive into the deep or float atop the waves – all sorts of currents are welcome to stream into Vol. One, Issue Three.



  • Publication history: We seek previously unpublished works
  • Genre: There are no restrictions in genre
  • Word limits: We ask for prose pieces and dramatic works to be not more than approximately 1500 words (we are, after all, The Primer!)
  • Multiple submissions: We accept a maximum of four pieces per submission – with the exception of visual art, for which the maximum is ten pieces per submission



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Contributors retain accreditation as creators of their work and are able to republish or distribute their work at their discretion. The Publisher (The Primer) would be attributed as the periodical of first publication, with the right to display published work in both digital and print formats.

Do note that The Primer is unable to offer compensation to contributors at the moment as we are a small and independent publication. However, we would love to do so in the future, and the best way that you can support us is through spreading the word and donating to our Ko-fi page.

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