Primer, n.

the first, the foremost; something which serves as a first means of instruction

Nothing keeps our individual worlds spinning on their axes more than our intrinsic sense of wonder – a quality that is not just a perceptual phenomenon but a perpetual imperative, for insatiable curiosity is fundamentally embedded into the threads of our cognition.

Diving into this ‘first’ and ‘foremost’ sense of fascination, our periodical is guided by a simple inquiry: how do beauty and strangeness collide? Far from being a distant or static abstraction, we think that beauty is the peculiar expression of the universal, the curious piece of the whole, and, as Charles Baudelaire put it, the ‘infinitely varied strangeness, dependent upon environment, climate, habits, upon race, religion and the temperament of the artist’ that ‘constitutes and defines individuality’ 1.

Curating the unique, the experimental, and the original, The Primer is your textbook of the oddly beautiful. Here, you’ll find existential questions pondered with aesthetic delight, and encounter unusual angles subtended from diverse fields. Gathering inquisitive, and open-minded creatives together, we are building a community of curious thinkers who sensitively attend to the nuances of the world around them, and we invite you to join us in this contemplation – and celebration – of the strangely beautiful experience that we call life.

1 Baudelaire, Charles. ‘The Universal Exhibition of 1855’. Baudelaire: Selected Writings on Art and Artists, trans. P. E. Charvet. 119.

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