We’re recruiting!

The Primer is dedicated to inquiry, exploration, and edification. We’d love for like-minded people to join us in this undertaking, and we’re currently looking for these roles to be filled:

  • Communications Coordinator
    • Maintain the publication’s digital presence on social media
    • Handle direct messages on social media accounts

Do note that these are unpaid positions as we are currently a small and independent publication. We’d love to change that in the future, and the best way you can support us is through spreading the word. However, what you’ll be joining is a close-knit group of creatives who uplift and encourage each other!

If any of these roles appeal to you and you’re keen to join our publication, simply write to us about who you are (including any background you might have in relevant areas), why you’d like to join The Primer, how you’d approach this role, and anything else you’d like us to know about you and your interests.

Send this in an email to with the subject line: ‘Application: <Title of Role>; <Your Name>’ – we very much look forward to hearing from you!